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 About NAMI-NYC Metro

NAMI-NYC Metro is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that provides support, education, and advocacy throughout the New York metropolitan area on behalf of families affected by mental illness and their loved ones-all free of charge to the public. Scroll through the Who We Are links on the left for more information on our organization.

Our Offices are Located at
505 8th Avenue, Suite 1103
(between 35th and 36th Streets)
New York, NY, 10018

NAMIWalksNYC is May 10th! Please visit our walk site for more information and to register today!

Pease click here to visit NAMI-NYC Metro's #IWIllListen anti-stigma campaign homepage. Make the promise to listen today!

Please click here to view NAMI-NYC's April Newsletter.

Please click here for directions to NAMI-NYC Metro.


 Important Updates:

Please click here for an overview of NAMI-NYC's exciting initiatives this past year!

NAMI-NYC Metro April 24th Public Education Event: "Nutritional Approaches to Help Depression and ADHD." Click here for more information and to register.

Please read this article from Health Policy Brief descibing how recent laws have been brining mental and physical health into balance.

Please click here to access Columbia Psychiatry Department's BlogTalk Radio series. Listen to insightful lectures from experts in the field who highlight some of the latest treatment and research options for patients with mental illness.

Important information about Parachute NYC Brooklyn Respite Center. Please click here to view general information about Parachute NYC. Please click here to view information about the Brooklyn Respite Center. 

NAMI-NYC Metro is now offering a course for parents and caregivers with mental illness called Caregiver-to-Caregiver. Please click here to view the flyer and for registration information.

Family Support Liaison Center’s Leadership Development Institute Presents Parents Leading Advocacy Now (PLAN) Training. Please click here to view PLAN training overview and FAQs. Please click here to view PLAN Training application. Please click here to view December 4 open house flyer.

NAMI-NYC was featured in the New York Times for its "I Will Listen" anti-stigma campaign. Please click here to read the article.

NAMI-NYC is hiring! Please click here for a description of the Services Director position.

NAMI-NYC featured in The Epoch Times regarding the September 25 press conference on Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) in New York City. Click here to read the article.

NAMI-NYC featured in National Council Magazine's special issue '50 Years in 50 Stories' commemorating the 50th anniversary of JFK’s Community Mental Health Act of 1963. Please click here to read the article (page 49). 

Please click here to read the latest updates on the New York State Health Benefit Exchange.

Please click here to download the FSLC September 2013 Facilitation Survey.

NAMI-NYC Metro featured in Christian Science Monitor magazine cover story discussing mandated treatment and programs for individuals diagnosed with mental illness. Please click here to read the article.

Please click here to read new and important information on the New York State Health Benefit Exchange. This document contains information pertaining to eligibility, levels of coverage, mental health benefits, pre-existing condition coverage, and resource contact information.

NAMI-NYC Metro featured in Alpha magazine. Please click here to read the article.

New York Health Exchange - What It Means for You: Benefits, Coverage, and How to Apply. Click here to learn more.

June 3 White House Mental Health Conferece. Click here to read press release. Click here to view different programs throughout the day.

NAMI-NYC featured in COMMERCE Magazine article: "Are you Ignoring Employee Mental Health? If so, That's Not a Smart Business Decision." Click here to read the article.

NAMI-NYC Metro Partners with Managed Care Organization Beacon Health Strategies to Create New Community-Based Mental Health Pilot. Click here to read the press release.

NAMI Family-to-Family Education Added to National Registry of Evidence-Based Mental Health Programs. Click here to read the press release.

The Kenneth Johnson Memorial Library Reading Series on Wednesday, May 29 featured Dr. Lloyd Sederer, Medical Director of the NYS Office of Mental Health (OMH) and author of "The Family Guide to Mental Health Care." Click here to read a brief write-up on NAMI-NYC's blog.

NAMI-NYC Metro NAMI Basics course featured in health section of El Diario La Prensa. Click here to view segment.

President Obama has officially declared May 2013 as Mental Health Awareness Month. Click here to read his proclamation.

NYU Langone Medical Center May 1, 2013Symposium: "New York State's SAFE Act: What Does It Mean for Medical Health Providers and Their Patients?" Click here to read Executive Director Wendy Brennan's testimony.

NAMI-NYC Metro leader, Michael Andersson featured in BBC News article: "Will Gun Laws Hurt the Mentally Ill?" Click here for article

NAMI-NYC Metro featured in Mental Health News Spring 2013 issue: "The Family Role in Recovery: Understanding the Illness and Embracing the Process." Click here for article

A Hearing Voices Support Group is starting at NAMI-NYC Metro on Friday, March 1. Click here for more details.

NAMI-NYC Metro featured on CCTV on Friday, January 18th. "Mental Health Community Wary over New York Gun Control Law" click here for video

NAMI-NYC Metro featured on PBS three hour special on Saturday, December 22nd. "What Next After Newtown: What Our Country And Communities Can Do" click here for video

NAMI-NYC Metro featured on WABC News on December 18th. "Help for parents with kids with mental illnesses" click here for video and article  

NAMI-NYC Metro featured in New York Post Opinion Page on December 12th.
click here to read the letter to the editor

NAMI-NYC Metro featured on WNYC on December 11th. "With Bellevue Psychiatric Unit Offline, Mentally Ill Face New Challenges" click here for video and article

NAMI-NYC Metro featured on BrianLeher.TV on December 3rd.   "Mental Illness: Lifting the Stigma" click here for video




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