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Marjorie D. Eagan

Marjorie D. Eagan is an Education docent at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. As a volunteer at The Met for the past 19 years, Marjorie continues to guide and educate, primarily inner city students, through one of the greatest museums in the world. After graduating from Hamilton College, Ms. Eagan pursued a career in Advertising, overseeing all creative for various beauty products as Vice President of a leading Agency. Passionate about the arts, she is also a painter and has shown her work in a variety of exhibitions, including The Met.

Marjorie became involved with NAMI-NYC in October 2018, having close family members who live with mental illness. Her father was a recipient of the New York State NAMI Justice Award. She knows from experience that mental illness brings with it loneliness, and the stigma which follows that illness creates a sense of isolation. She was able to raise over $6,000 for NAMIWalks NYC in May 2019, and continues to remind us, “Mental illness is a disease, much as any other; however, the stigma of mental illness keeps people from seeking help for themselves and their loved ones.” Marjorie believes that NAMI-NYC can work to lift this stigma not only by bettering the lives of those affected by mental illness but also by providing support for family and friends of those with mental illness.