Cecil Williams’ poem – “Venture House”

Venture House

Stop, feast your eyes and take a long enduring and careful look
You may be capable of receiving the very necessary help you will need
Whether it is automatically housing, nutrition or a literary book
And the staff of professionals alter behavior to assist us all to succeed.

Venture House is the place to situate your bout with mental illness
And that is the precise set of values that will bring us to a place to profess
Like being able to socialize freely and when needing an affectionate caress
We alleviate stress and grasp understanding from everybody without stress.

Computers and telephones and work habits or whatever we envision is on the slate
We are full of equality and togetherness with unity on our issues and that could be fate
We have not been thrown aside from the progress of being motivated as of this date
And though it is not surprising we are extended family you will find with love not hate.

Stigma hangs out tough but our members steer clear and do not wind up in the city jail
We set ourselves proud with goals and tasks and sometimes jobs and we try not to fail
Made up of the ones who fit into a category of creativity like the fitting woman and mail
We promote the superficial and realistic values of wellness and on that much we have a sale.

The future of our destiny is that we never cry out when confronted by a public outcry
We do feel remorse and sadness when the time consumes a life and we see it die
However, there are challenges that members steadily tackle and we call it a soulful try
Did you assume we would never require outside support and that is your eternal alibi
There is a kitchen to be mopped and floors to sweep and those dinner dishes to dry
But our motives are superb and wonderful and that is how we are still with heads up high
Today we are not guilty of violence or indication of no education and that means we do not lie
And spending time on the program makes up for procrastination during the day as time can fly

Looking to reflect on the community reaction tells me as a poet that we can put on a smile
When there is to come to be another orientation and invitation to new member in a style
Just like the disease disturbance of diabetes or hypertension I knew we would walk a mile
And that is the beauty of practicing the spell of a maddening reach to goodness for a while,
Your rent receipts and other important points of references are kept safe and saved on file
We give you the chance to do all the marvelous enrichment and my poems amount to a pile.

God’s greatness will be okayed and then the facet of existence will compare as if an education
NAMI will provide the textures of accompanying tastes and touches of gratitude in the nation
I love being at Venture House every day in a special and meaningful way with call it jubilation
And the attitudes that other friends and social beings exude improve our economic situation
Therefore, it has been rewarding and fun to render such a phrase and wording with no hesitation
In fact, no argument or resentment and away we register to tread beyond a combined collaboration.

– Cecil Williams