NAMIWalks NYC 2018 was wonderful!

Thank you to everyone who showed up, who donated, and who reached out to friends and family to donate – you made NAMIWalks 2018 our best year yet, and you make hope possible for thousands of New Yorkers.

Walk Day was awesome! We didn’t let a little rain wash us out!

Saturday was an amazing day! Even though it rained!

Thousands of people came together to share support for New Yorkers living with mental illness. Your enthusiasm and energy triumphed over the rain and ended the silence! Thank you!

NAMIWalks NYC 2018 group

Look at these smiling faces!

You did not let the rain get you down! We’ve started adding photos to Facebook. Check it out and tag yourself!

Thank you for all you do for NAMI-NYC! Together we can bring hope to thousands of New Yorkers.

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Did you run this year? Click here to see the results!

NAMIWalks NYC 2018 runner


“I walk to raise awareness and tear down the walls of stigma and shame that prevent so many people from talking about mental health and getting the help they deserve.

As a researcher, I know that we can prevent suicide and save lives by treating mental health the way we treat physical health.

I walk to let people know that the Columbia Lighthouse Project is here to provide the few simple questions anyone can use to save a life.”

Dr. Kelly Posner-Gerstenhaber’s method for suicide risk assessment, commissioned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and developed by a team she led, has been transformative and led to the decision to require drug developers to assess patients for suicidal thoughts and behaviors during clinical trials. 

She is the Director of the Columbia Lighthouse Project whose mission is to identify risks to prevent suicide. Her focus on preventing death by suicide and reducing the stigma associated with mental illness has brought relief to those suffering in silence around the world. 


“I walk because after such a long, dark thorny road on my own I get to share the road with others. We get to share our journeys with each other, each one a different odyssey as epic as Homer’s, each walker as heroic as Odysseus to have made it out to the other side. I walk to celebrate our crossing through the light at the end of the tunnel out into the sun, having earned our pride.” – Paul Dalio, 2018 New York City NAMIWalks Champion

Paul Dalio is a filmmaker. His feature debut, “Touched with Fire,” was inspired by his journey to turn his bipolar from a curse into a gift. “Touched with Fire,” starring Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby, is a love story between two poets with bipolar disorder. Paul wrote, directed, scored, and edited the film which was released in February 2016.

Paul Dalio


“When I went to therapy I realized something that most men need to understand – therapy isn’t ‘soft.’ My saying is, ‘Therapy is gangsta.’ It actually empowered me. It’s important that people talk about mental health. There is help available if you’re ready to ask for it.” ~2017 Grand Marshal & King of Walk, hip- hop legendDarryl DMC McDaniels

Why do we walk?

In 2017, despite heavy rains, several thousand people attended NAMIWalks NYC, raising close to $600,000. We walk to promote awareness, fight discrimination, and raise funds. That money pays for NAMI-NYC’s courses, support groups, and public education events, for people with mental illness and their families.


Last year we asked you to send us a photo and a line or two about why you walk with NAMIWalks NYC…and we loved how you responded! So we again extend the invitation. You can email your photo and your line to

This is what your support pays for:

With your help, we will continue to provide services for New Yorkers who need us.