Family Match Program

Are you a sibling, partner, spouse, or daughter or son of someone with a mental illness? Do you feel alone and overwhelmed? We can help.

Taking care of someone with a mental health issue can be isolating and overwhelming. NAMI-NYC’s Family Match Program provides free, one-on-one emotional support from one family member to another by telephone.

Our program connects you with someone whose family member has a similar diagnosis or situation.  Our mentors have “been there,” where you are, and are ready to provide emotional support.

Your Family Match mentor will call you to:

  • Provide emotional support.
  • Listen to your story.
  • Share experiences.
  • Share ideas for taking care of yourself.
  • Share ideas for advocating for your family member across the mental health systems.

To get started, contact the Helpline at 212-684-3264 or via email, and ask for a family match.