Family Support Liaison Center

The Family Support Liaison Center (FSLC), funded by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYC DOHMH) and based at NAMI-NYC Metro, serves as a citywide component of the Family Support Network. The primary function of the FSLC is to collaborate with the NYC DOHMH and the nine Family Resource Centers (FRCs) across New York City to share best practices and improve the delivery of family support services for youth and families (parent/caregivers) by creating a Family Support Network.

Goals and objectives:
  • Promote awareness and decrease stigma through public education of children’s mental health.
  • Develop family and youth advocates/leaders through leadership training.
  • Provide high quality training to staff working in Family Resource Center (FRC) programs and throughout the system of care in order to further develop the workforce.
  • Promote and facilitate peer learning among FRCs in order to improve quality of care for recipients of FRC services.
  • Advocate for needs of families, youths, and the agencies that serve them at the state and local level.

Family Resource Centers (FRCs):

FRCs provide children and adolescents identified as having emotional, behavioral, or mental health challenges or are at risk for developing a disorder due to biological, psychological, or social factors, and their parents/caregivers a comprehensive range of family support services that are individualized, coordinated, family driven, youth guided, culturally competent and strength-based. To work collaboratively with the Family Support Liaison Center (FSLC), other Family Resource Centers (FRCs) and stakeholders to improve the quality of services for youth and families, and strengthen the families’ and youths’ role as advocates in the children’s service system.

FRC Directory

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