How To Be A Successful Fundraiser – 3 Tips

Facebook Fundraisers Tips – Insta Too!

So you want to rock your fundraising?
3 tips for how to run a successful Facebook fundraiser (and be a successful fundraiser yourself!)
This works for the Donation sticker on Instagram too!

1. Invite EVERYONE

Invite ALL of your friends and family to donate! When you ask people to support your fundraiser, you’re letting people know that IT’S OK to talk about mental health! And that NAMI is a resource, for anyone, available free of charge…thanks to the support of people like you. (Don’t worry you’ll bother people. If they can’t give, they won’t. But you’ve still done important advocacy for mental health awareness.)

2. Thank EVERYONE by tagging them individually

Thank every person who donates! And tag EVERY person who donates when you thank them. When we at NAMI-NYC use social to fundraise for NAMIWalks, we write a “Thank you” for every donation. And we tag the person who donated! That puts your fundraiser back into your feed…which helps people remember you asked if they could help out. And every donation helps, no matter how small (or big!) – every gift makes a difference in someone’s life.

3. When your fundraiser is over, SHARE our ‘Find Support’ page, so people know where they can go for support, information, and a community.

Thank you for everything you do to help people affected by mental illness build better lives.

How to run a successful Facebook fundraiser

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