Game Play Social Group

Game play joins folks in an organic, entertaining, and engaging way. Interactive play among peers supports and promotes wellness and provides a group where people come out of isolation. By facilitating game play, folks benefit from an open, safe, and accessible opportunity to relax, enjoy themselves, and have a fun time. We welcome peers, and family and friends to join us for an evening of great fun!

Format: Games are run online with minimal technology (zoom, discord or equivalent access to free video conferencing program, phone or laptop with camera/mic). Proficiency with said software is not needed, this can also be taught in-session. No prior experience in Dungeons and Dragons or any other games is necessary, all rules will be taught and any assistance acclimating to the game, related technology and/or any other questions will be gladly answered!

  • Fridays June 25 – August 27, 9pm to 12am ET
  • Sundays June 27 – August 1, 3pm to 6pm ET
  • Fees: Game play is free of charge to everyone and all needed online tools are also free to use.
  • Registration: All attendees are required to register at