Greetings from our new Executive Director, Matt Kudish

Matt Kudish Joins NAMI-NYC Metro as New Executive DirectorDear Friends,

I’m so pleased to have this opportunity to introduce myself to you, and share a bit about what excites me most about being the new executive director at NAMI-NYC Metro.

A social worker by training, I’m driven by a desire to support and empower those negotiating difficult situations and navigating complex challenges so they can find their own voices, their best selves, and their own solutions. The bulk of my professional career has been in the field of aging, specifically in the areas of neurocognitive disorders and caregiving.

I’ve been aware of—and impressed by—NAMI-NYC for many years, as friends struggling with mental health issues and colleagues working in the field have long sung NAMI’s praises. But it wasn’t until I began to pursue the chance to lead NAMI-NYC that I truly began to understand the incredible—and incredibly important—work being done each and every day in support of those affected by mental illness throughout New York City.

Since starting in mid-July, I’ve had the opportunity to engage more deeply with staff, members of the Board, volunteers, and others passionate about this cause and our work. I continue to be inspired by the depth of the commitment and dedication of this incredible community.

Together, we can normalize discussions around mental illness and mental health, and reduce the stigma so often associated with these topics. Together, we can ensure even more New Yorkers are educated and armed with the facts about mental illness, so they can support themselves, their friends, and their family members. Together, we can elevate mental illness as a public health issue, and not merely a response to a tragic incident.

It is my distinct pleasure to stand beside you as we work to unveil New York City’s best kept secret for issues related to mental health. Let’s ensure anyone impacted by a mental illness in New York City knows how to access NAMI-NYC’s life-changing programs and services, all of which are available free of charge.

I’m very much looking forward to beginning this new chapter with you. Please feel free to reach out, via email at, or at 212-684-3365 ext. 208.

Together, I know we will continue to make hope possible.

Matt Kudish