Addiction and Mental Illness Support Group

“I tried to find a group like this for my son. I could only find one. Which is a shame, because so many with mental illness use drugs.” — Freddi, co-facilitator

The Addiction and Mental Illness (formerly “MICA”) Support Group is for anyone living with a mental illness and substance use disorder.

This is a place where people can talk freely about both issues, without fear of shame or judgment.

All NAMI support groups are peer-led. The co-facilitators have ‘been there’, and are still there, right along side you. If you or someone you know would benefit from this group, we welcome you to join us.

This group is starting in October 2019.  Contact us today to let us know you’re interested in joining us. Call our Helpline at 212-684-3264 or email at

Often called “co-occurring disorders,” this group is for people with concurrent Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders. Other terms that have been used to describe this condition are “dual diagnosis,” “dual disorder,” “MICA” (mentally ill  chemical abuser or mentally ill chemically-affected), “MISA” (mentally ill substance abuser), “CAMI” (chemical abuse and   mental illness), and “SAMI” (substance abuse and mental illness), or “double trouble.” (From NYS OASAS, “Co-Occurring Disorders”, 

People being treated for mental health disorders also often abuse the following types of substances:

  • alcohol
  • nicotine
  • opiates
  • sedatives
  • stimulants
  • marijuana
  • hallucinogens
  • prescription drugs

“When I first started going to NA (Narcotics Anonymous) 17 years ago, if you said you took psychiatric medication, they didn’t consider you ‘clean’. We provide a space where people are free to talk about their troubles, their triggers, and their meds…”

Have questions? Please contact the Helpline for more information at 212-684-3264 or email us.