NAMI C.A.R.E.S. Community Mental Health Fair

In recognition of Minority Mental Health Month, NAMI-NYC is holding our 5th annual community mental health fair—NAMI C.A.R.E.S. (Community Advocacy, Resources, Education, & Services). This year we’re heading to Harlem in Manhattan.

Please join us!  Saturday July 13 2019, from 12 to 4pm at the Emma L. Bowen Community Service Center at 1727 Amsterdam Avenue at W. 145th Street in Manhattan.

Check back as we update partner organizations!

NAMI C.A.R.E.S. highlights mental health issues which specifically face communities of color.  Through storytelling and presentations, we show you help is available, and recovery for people living with mental health challenges is possible.  We connect you to local resources that specialize in serving diverse populations, and are available in your neighborhood.

Workshops Include

In Our Own Voice

12:30 to 1:30pm

In Our Own Voice changes attitudes, assumptions, and stereotypes, by describing the reality of living with a mental illness, from people who are living it. You’ll get insight into the hope, and recovery, possible. With Cynthia Scott and Lady Charmaine Day.

NAMI CARES Fair 2019 In Our Own Voice

Self-Care and Self-Compassion

1:30 to 2:30pm

Self-compassion and self-advocacy are crucial components of self-care. But sometimes they are the hardest to practice. Maxine Outerbridge will help you awaken a sense of compassion towards yourself, and advocate for your own needs. Learn skills to support your own emotional well-being in the midst of day-to-day stress!

Mothers of Color and Their Mental Health—Advocating for Ourselves

2:30 to 3:30pm

Alicia James leads a community discussion of the specific pressures and challenges that mothers of color face, and the effects on mental health. She uses videos and thoughtful questions to encourage you to share your own stories and experiences.


NAMI CARES Fair 2019 Alicia James

Participating Organizations Include

Life Is Precious

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for teens in New York State and Latina adolescents have alarmingly high rates of seriously considering or attempting suicide, as compared to their peers. Life Is Precious provides culturally and linguistically appropriate services for Latina teens, who are living with depression and/or have seriously consider or attempted suicide, and their families.

Mt. Sinai REACH (Respectful and Equitable Access to Comprehensive Healthcare)

The Respectful and Equitable Access to Comprehensive Healthcare (REACH) Program provides a patient-centered, harm reduction approach to primary care for persons who use alcohol and other drugs, and for individuals living with hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. In English and español.

Ryan Health

Provides high quality, affordable, comprehensive, linguistically appropriate and culturally competent health care services to medically underserved populations. They will be providing health screenings.

Family Resource Center of Northern Manhattan

The 9 Family Resource Centers (FRCs) throughout NYC provide individual and group-based family support services to parents/caregivers of children and youth (birth to age 24) who have or are at risk for developing emotional, behavioral, or mental health challenges, using a family and youth peer model. All FRC services are free of charge, and no referral is needed to access services.


Boom!Health delivers a full range of prevention, syringe access, health coordination, behavioral health, housing, legal, advocacy and wellness services to over 8,000 of the hardest to reach communities in the Bronx.

Vet Center

Vet Centers are community-based counseling centers that provide a wide range of social and psychological services, including professional readjustment counseling to eligible Veterans, active duty service members, including National Guard and Reserve components, and their families.