NAMIWalks Email Samples

Here are some sample emails you can use – either as-is, or tweak to make them your own!

Subject line: A request for a cause that matters to me

Dear Friends and Family,

I know there’s a LOT going on right now, but mental health cannot wait!

I’m participating in NAMIWalks Your Way NYC on May 30 – as part of Mental Health for All: A National Day of Hope. I’m joining mental health advocates across the country online to raise awareness and funds for NAMI-NYC’s free-of-charge mental health support and education services for families and individuals.

Mental health services are needed more than ever with the current COVID-19 crisis. NAMI-NYC continues to provide services and the demand for services continues to grow – calls to NAMI-NYC’s Helpline have increased 60% in the past month alone!

I hope you are able to support me this year with a donation – there is no gift that is too small (or too large!) and every dollar makes a difference.

Your donation means so much to me and to NAMI-NYC right now. You can donate to me and join me virtually here. (Insert Your Link)

If you can’t make a donation today, I understand, and ask that you share my fundraiser (and NAMI-NYC) with friends and family to invite them to support this important cause. If you need to talk, know I am here and that NAMI-NYC is here for you too. You can call their Helpline at 212-684-3264.
Thank you so much for your support and funding of NAMI-NYC’s much needed mental health programs.


Subject line: A request for support for an important cause

Hi there,

First and foremost, I hope you and yours are safe and well, and stay that way.

If you asked me what the new year would bring, this new normal is certainly not what I could have ever imagined.  From a mental health perspective, we have yet to understand just how profoundly we’ll all be affected by this pandemic.  What I do know is that the need for free and accessible mental health support services continues to grow and NAMI-NYC is still providing these services safely and remotely to all in need.

I know there’s a LOT going on right now, but mental health cannot wait!

Each year about this time I reach out and ask for your support of NAMIWalks NYC.  This year I’m asking for your support, but will be participating a little bit differently. This year, I’m joining NAMIWalks Your Way NYC on May 30, along with many other NAMI supporters across the country. I won’t get to join a big crowd in person, but I can participate with the NAMI-NYC community virtually and help ensure mental health services remain available to all.

The need for NAMI NYC’s programs and services doesn’t stop and needs are greater now than ever before.  Funding them remains critical. Every dollar you donate allows NAMI-NYC to continue to offer programs and services, free of charge to anyone who needs them.

Your past support has meant so much to me. I know things are scary and uncertain, and our lives have been changed.  NAMI-NYC needs your support again this year! If you can afford to make a donation, I would be incredibly grateful if you’d click here and support my fundraising efforts. Every dollar helps!

  1. Click here and go to
  2. Type my name in the “Fundraiser Search” box to find my page.
  3. Make a contribution and change the lives of families and individuals living with mental illness.

I understand times are tough now, if you can’t make a donation, please share my fundraiser with your friends and family – I would appreciate the support and your share lets others know that NAMI-NYC continues to be there in the time of need.

With tremendous gratitude…

Dear Friends,

This year I’m taking part in NAMIWalks Your Way NYC on May 30th. I am also fundraising and everything I raise will go towards NAMI-NYC’s support and education services for families living with mental illness, at no cost to them!

I’m part of the NAMIWalks movement because [fill in the reason]. I hope you will find it in your heart to support my walk efforts with a gift. Together we can provide hope and help for thousands of New Yorkers living with mental illness.

Click the link and type my name in the search box to find my page.

Thank you!

NAMIWalks Your Way NYC!