Office Move Q&A

Why hasn’t NAMI-NYC’s office been open?

We have been planning our move to a new space, and we can’t wait to welcome you when we’re ready. 

Where are you located?

Our new address will be 307 West 38th Street, a few blocks from our current office, and will offer us triple the space!

Which mailing address should I use?

Please use 505 8th Avenue, Suite 1103, NY, NY 10018 until further notice. Thank you!

Why are you moving?

Our new office reflects NAMI-NYC’s rapid growth, touching the lives of 30,000 people annually. We will offer hybrid programs—we will continue to provide programs online and gradually start to bring back and expand in-person programs. 

When are you moving?

We do not have a move date yet, but we wanted to be open and transparent with YOU, our community, about the news. We will update you as soon as that information is available. 

When will you open?

The NAMI-NYC staff needs time to get settled into the new space before we start in-person programs again. We will let you know as soon as possible when some programs are offered in person again. 

Can I see the new space?

We will be hosting several Open House events, so you can come by, see the space, and we can take you on a tour. Stay tuned for more information about these events.  

What are your policies around meeting in person?

We require social distancing, masking in common spaces, and all visitors will need to present proof of vaccination and photo identification upon entry. All members of our community are welcome to join our programs virtually. 

What will happen if there’s a surge in COVID cases?

Regardless, NAMI-NYC programming is available virtually and we are planning to host some programs in person soon. NAMI-NYC follows the news closely as well as health and safety guidance from NYC and NYS. If cases are high at any point in time, we will decide whether or not to meet in person and notify our community accordingly.