Photography Class 2021

Josephine Herrick Project (JHP) is an award-winning 501(c)(3) nonprofit that teaches photography to and exhibits the work of underrepresented New Yorkers.

NAMI-NYC and JHP partnered to teach our program participants valuable communications skills to help them see and express themselves creatively across cultures and neighborhoods, helping students amplify their voices and advocate for themselves and their communities.

Program participants include school children in culturally diverse neighborhoods; immigrant and refugee teens; youth and adults with cognitive, emotional, or physical disabilities; military veterans; vulnerable seniors; and people of all ages living in public housing.


“Blue Pandemic”

“As a NAMI member and Family-to-Family leader since 2013, I know first-hand how difficult it is to manage mental health conditions. I have learned to believe in self-care and creative expression as important steps to being honest and helpful.
Olivia’s class was the best because each of us shared our visions. Each week, we were amazed at how unique and special everyone’s photographs were. I learned not to be afraid of self-portraits. Olivia was a constant reminder of what we did well and how to continue our individual journeys.  We also studied lots of photographers whose work enriched our understanding of photography.
My portfolio is entitled: Blue Pandemic because blue is a beautiful color and because blue is a mood appropriate for all the health concerns, lockdowns and closures we experienced this year and last.” – Rajene

Renee Bray

“The People and Shapes of Park Slope”

Renee has recently moved out of the Bronx due to necessity. She has felt sadder and more anxious from the experience. Taking photographs has helped her to acclimate to her new neighborhood and improve her mental health. As she felt less anxious and more confident, she began to take photos of people. She noticed some of those photos included geometric shapes. She felt particularly drawn to those images and has chosen a few of them for this online exhibition.



“Safe and inviting space to share your photographs, and explore your creative potential.” – Kelly


“Mi renacimiento mediante la transición de género”


“She Exists, Yes She Exists, Yes She Exists – A Reminder”

“The class was an amazing opportunity to share our triumphs and hardships and connect to a beautiful community that truly understands what it means to go against the grain. It was a grain of hope during a difficult period of my life and my hope is that more and more people can experience such a thought provoking, welcoming, inquisitive educational experience.” – Sloane








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Please view the left column first (top to bottom) then the right column (top to bottom) .