NYC Metro Presentations

NAMI-NYC Metro Service Presentations offer an accessible introduction to what mental illness is, how to recognize and support those living with a mental illness, as well as how NAMI’s peer-led programs can best serve your clients, colleagues, and community.


Talking about mental illness can be difficult, but these are often the most important conversations to have. NAMI Service Presentations provide an open platform to air any questions you might have about mental illness and collaborate on how NAMI can best support the well-being of your families, clientele, and communities.


Whether you’re just learning about mental illness, a seasoned mental health professional, or would just like to know more, we’re happy to help! Each NAMI Service Presentation is free and specifically tailored to your organization and needs, so we can meet you at whatever level you are.

To schedule a presentation for your organization or business, please fill out this Outreach Request Form and email it to Please ensure your information has saved in the document before emailing!