NAMI-NYC has been featured in many news outlets for its advocacy work in mental health.

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Media Contribution


What is ‘stigma-free’ and why are towns embracing it? – Executive Director Matt Kudish quoted in on the importance of addressing stigma in the fight to increase awareness about mental health issues.

OPEN: Matt Kudish & Tanya Robinson – Executive Director Matt Kudish interviewed on OPEN on BronxNet about raising awareness on mental illness by providing support.

Plan to close Inwood psychiatric unit sparks fear among Allen Hospital doctors, staff – Executive Director Matt Kudish interviewed for piece on AMNewYork about New York Presbyterian’s proposal to decertify the remaining 30 psychiatric beds at Allen Hospital to make way for the expansion of other units.

Here’s How to Know If Your Dreamlike Experiences Are Something Serious – Services Director Kinsey McManus contributed to this piece about derealization disorder on Popsugar.


Experts Describe Just Why Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Works – Services Director Kinsey McManus contributed to this piece on Popsugar.

How To Cope With Loneliness During The Holidays, According To Experts – Services Director Kinsey McManus contributed to this piece on Bustle.

Advocates Warn Against New York Linking Gun Violence and Mental Illness – Services Director Kinsey McManus interviewed for piece on New York Public Radio’s WNYC about the New York State SAFE Act, which “stops criminals and the dangerously mentally ill from buying a gun,” and concerns that it may “further endanger an already marginalized population.”

Bronx mom worries schizophrenic son is being pumped with medicine in jail – Executive Director Matt Kudish interviewed for piece on PIX11 about the difficulties making sure people with mental illness get the treatment they need.

Public Hospitals Treat Greater Share of Mental Health Patients – Services Director Kinsey McManus quoted in article in the New York Times about the ever-increasing use of emergency rooms and public hospitals for care of people with mental illness.

Shooting of Emotionally Disturbed Man Puts Focus on New Training – Services Director Kinsey McManus quoted in article in the New York Times about the state of crisis intervention training (CIT) in the NYPD, in the wake of another shooting death.


Fixing Mental Health In The Workplace Requires A Lot More Than A Yoga Room – Executive Director Wendy Brennan quoted in article on FastCoExist about the importance of changing workplace culture in order to destigmatize mental health issues in the workplace.

How a viral video exposed a disturbing and little-known police tactic – Executive Director Wendy Brennan quoted in article on about the NYPD’s use of “mesh restraining devices” as reported in the New York Times.


When You’re Worried About a Colleague’s Mental Health – NAMI-NYC’s Workplace Toolkit was featured in an article in the Harvard Business Review about creating mentally healthy workplaces.


Letter to the Editor re: New York’s mental health system: crazy, cruel & dangerous – New York Post


Letter to the editor of the New York Times in response to an editorial describing accounts of veterans waiting months to receive mental health care.

Media Coverage


Darryl McDaniels Honored At Seeds Of Hope Gala – Darryl “DMC” McDaniels — founder of Run DMC and mental health advocate — was honored as “Mental Health Advocate of the Year”.

Darryl “DMC” McDaniels Serves As Grand Marshal For NAMIWalks NYC 2017.


Jaclyn Stapp Leads 10th Annual NamiWalks NYC – Mental health advocate Jaclyn Stapp was the NAMIWalks NYC 2016 Grand Marshal.


I Will Listen! – NAMI-NYC “I Will Listen” anti-stigma campaign featured in the Huffington Post Blog.

Seeds of Hope Gala in New York Shines Light on Mental Illness – The Wall Street Journal

A Campaign Urges Listening to Those Torn by Mental Illness – The New York Times

Mental Health Pros Seek Crisis Intervention Teams – The Epoch Times

[50 Years, 50 Stories] Celebrating Community Mental Health and Addictions Treatment – National Council Magazine (pg. 49, featuring one our volunteers)

Mental health in the US: New ideas on care emerge – The Christian Science Monitor

A Hedge Funder’s Crusade to Raise Awareness, End Stigma Surrounding Mental Illness – Institutional Invester’s Alpha

Are you Ignoring Employee Mental Health? If so, That’s Not a Smart Business Decision – COMMERCE Magazine

Salud Mental: prioridad en NY – El Diario La Prensa

Will Gun Laws Hurt the Mentally Ill? – BBC News

The Family Role in Recovery: Understanding the Illness and Embracing the Process – Mental Health News

Mental Health Community Wary over New York Gun Control Law – CCTV News


What Next After Newtown: What Our Country And Communities Can Do – PBS Special

Help for parents with kids with mental illnesses – WABC News

With Bellevue Psychiatric Unit Offline, Mentally Ill Face New Challenges – WNYC

Mental Illness: Lifting the Stigma –

Unions lobby, but state goes forward with plan to close Kingsboro Psychiatric Center – New York Daily News


Anxiety treatment: Medication, therapy or both can help – Los Angeles Times

A Bronx family that benefited from the six-week NAMI Basics class is profiled in this story from NY1.

As many as one in five child welfare cases involves a parent with a mental health diagnosis. NAMI’s partnership with the NYC Administration for Children’s Services to help parents succeed is mentioned in this story from City Limits.

Read board member Jacqueline Martinez’s letter to the editor of the New York Times in response to this story about the link between mental health disorders and substance abuse.

Read a column in the New York Daily News about NAMI’s Family-to-Family Program. To learn more about this class or to sign up for the next session, call the Helpline at 212-684-3264.

Read our letter to the editor of the New York Times in response to a troubling front-page story on an incident in Massachusetts.

NAMI-NYC Metro’s study of Timothy’s Law–New York State’s parity law–was published in the journalPsychiatric Services. Read a summary of study results here. Our Op-Ed for the Times Union of Albany can be found here. Read a post about it on the Health blog of the Wall Street Journal here. Read other stories inLong Island Business News and Mental Health News.

Read a story about the 2011 NAMIWalks NYC in the Wall Street Journal.

Watch a NY1 story on the 2011 NAMIWalks NYC.

Read our letter to the editor in the New York Daily News about how educators and police must learn skills to handle children with serious emotional and mental disorders.

Watch a story about bipolar disorder from WABC-7 featuring NAMI’s Executive Director Wendy Brennan and Adria Allison, a facilitator of classes and support groups at NAMI-NYC Metro.

NAMI-NYC Metro Executive Director Wendy Brennan is featured in a story about Medicaid redesign from WAMC/Northeast Public Radio. Listen to the story here.


NY1 aired a story on a new peer counseling program at some NYC public hospitals, featuring comments from NAMI-NYC Metro’s Mary Lee Gupta. See the video and read the transcript here.

Read a column about NAMIWalks NYC 2010 in the New York Daily News. covered the 2010 NAMIWalks NYC. Watch the video.

Read a post on the Health blog of the Wall Street Journal related to NAMI’s activities on mental health parity.

Press Releases


Matt Kudish joins NAMI-NYC Metro as Executive Director.


Following the death of Deborah Danner, the Bronx woman recently killed by the police, organizations call on the NYPD to double number of officers receiving Crisis Intervention Training (CIT), redeploy trained CIT officers in response to Emotionally Disturbed Person (EDP) calls, and build citywide diversion centers.

“Through Thrive NYC, the City has taken a number of important steps to improve criminal justice system responses to people with mental illnesses, including implementing best practice Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training.  As the number of trained officers grow, we want to ensure that when a family or community member calls 911 about a person experiencing a crisis, they can count on a CIT trained officer responding to the situation,” said Wendy Brennan, Executive Director, NAMI-NYC Metro.

Click here to read the press release.

NAMI-NYC Metro and Northeast Business Group on Health (NEBGH) co-hosted its second CEO Summit on Mental Health in the Workplace in New York City alongside the Partnership for New York City and the American Psychiatric Association Foundation’s Partnership For Workplace Mental Health. The meeting included several members of the Partnership for New York City and other top employers. Click here to read the press release.


NAMI-NYC Metro Partners with Managed Care Organization Beacon Health Strategies to Create New Community-Based Mental Health Pilot. Click here to read the press release.