Supendeep Dosanjh

I am originally from Michigan but have been on the East Coast for the last 16 years. Four years ago, my son Sahej was born and has been the light of my life. Five months after he was born, I had my first panic attack and experienced suicidal thoughts. From that point on, I started experiencing chronic episodes of anxiety and depression. Although I still struggle with my moods, I am so grateful for the lessons and tools I’ve gathered to better manage my dark days. I reached out to NAMI-NYC in the summer of 2019 to join an adult support group and to also volunteer for the organization. Running the NYC marathon means a lot to me because it will be a great personal accomplishment for me to run in the city where I first became mentally sick and I will be able to give back to a worthy cause and fund a great organization to provide resources to those who need it, like myself.