The Advocacy Group (TAG)

TAG is open to family members, providers, and people living with mental illness – everyone who is interested in advocating to better their own situation, and the situation-at-large. Learn through monthly experts from-the-field speakers, who educate on resources, problem-solving, and insight into how the system is set up. Through a round-table exchange of issues, attendees become empowered to make change and improve their lives. 1st Monday of the month, 6pm to 7pm ET.

July 13, 2020

July is Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. This month brings a bright and motivating force from pastor, published author, and mental health advocate, Lady Charmaine Day.

Over a decade ago, she had a high pressure corporate job which triggered eleven hospitalizations, a serious diagnosis, and a medication regimen that didn’t work.

But it also unlocked the secret that has changed her life, that even her advanced degrees from both Columbia and Cornell could not bring her.

Lady Charmaine Day will share the dynamic of how self-care and self-love, and developing mind body and spirit wellness works “to transform the dark days of low self-esteem and self-hatred.”

Come take Lady Charmaine Day’s gift to bring a positive message to all of us at this trying time. Monday, July 13, 6:00-7:00 PM ET.

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