Who We Are

Mission and Values

Our mission is to help families and individuals affected by mental illness build better lives through education, support, and advocacy.


NAMI’s guiding principle is “families helping families.”   So we offer free classes throughout the year, for families, and for individuals affected by mental illness.


We provide nearly 30 ongoing support groups for people living with mental illness and for their family members. Groups are facilitated by trained peer volunteers with personal experience with mental illness, either in a family member, or in themselves.


We work closely with NAMI National and NAMI-New York State to advocate for:

  • improved services for people with mental illness and their families;
  • health insurance parity;
  • the allocation of more resources for research into neurobiological disorders;
  • and comprehensive, accessible treatment options.

Our staff and volunteers:

  • provide professional testimony;
  • sit on task forces, boards and commissions;
  • and collaborate with other advocacy organizations.


Our national #IWILLLISTEN campaign is dedicated to increas­ing mental health awareness and encouraging family members and peers to listen to the experiences of individuals living with mental illness without judgment.

Our Values

These are our core values. We live by our Mission, and we make decisions based on our Values.

We value Accessibility
Our services are free of charge and easy to access for anyone who needs them.

We value Community
We create community and are committed and connected to the diversity of NYC.

We value Empathy
Our staff and volunteers genuinely care and make an effort to understand without judgment.

We value Inclusivity
We welcome and embrace people of all cultures and identities.

We value Lived Experience
As individuals and family members impacted by mental illness, we understand your experience because we have been there.