Workplace Mental Health

NAMI-NYC’s Workplace Mental Health Initiative provides custom support to employers seeking to promote employee wellbeing and supportive mental health practices in the workplace while reducing stigma towards mental illnesses.

Now, more than ever, employers need to prioritize employee mental health.

The stats speak for themselves:


Increased rates of people reporting symptoms of depression and/or anxiety since pre-COVID times


Cost to employers due to lost workdays from depression alone


Employees who reported fear of disclosing mental health challenges

Our workplace mental health training and technical assistance offerings can be tailored for your specific needs to:

Promote good mental health for all employees and provide education to increase awareness and reduce stigma towards mental health in the workplace.

Create flexible organizational policies, and facilitate open discussions about mental health challenges to promote caregiving and self-care, and reduce burnout and stress.

Ensure all employees and their families understand the array of mental health services available to them through company resources and NAMI-NYC to support them when and how they need it.

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Why Workplace Mental Health?

Whether we’re currently experiencing symptoms related to any kind of mental health challenge, caring for family or friends, or just feeling burned out, the workplace can be a source of support…or increase our stress.

While companies previously focused on improving employee wellbeing, COVID-19  has shown us the great need and critical importance of prioritizing employee mental health.

People are struggling and many are afraid to discuss mental health challenges at work.

In addition to the struggles of each and every employee, mental health also impacts the workplace.

The good news is many employees who experience mental health challenges and receive appropriate treatment will have full, productive careers.

Current NAMI-NYC Workplace Mental Health Training Topics

Workplace Mental Health 101

The training provides an overview of the impact of poor mental health on the workplace and specific self-care strategies to address the competing demands of the modern workplace, and concludes with tips to help employees support their colleagues who may be experiencing mental health challenges.

Return to Work with Resiliency

This training will provide a short overview of the emotional responses to a traumatic event and their impact on employee mental health, with a focus on how the pandemic has amplified the mental health crisis. It will conclude with actionable strategies to help employees build resilience and grow from the events of the past year.

Supporting Employees Experiencing Burnout in the Workplace

This training provides an overview of burnout, how it differs from stress and other mental illnesses, and identifies the six main causes of burnout in the workplace. It concludes with both individual and organizational strategies to reduce and prevent burnout.

Managing for Mental Health in the Modern Workplace

This training provides managers with skills to discuss mental health challenges with employees in a supportive way while respecting professional boundaries and maintaining their own mental well-being.

Promoting Mental Health and Accountability in the Workplace

In this training we build on the topics discussed in the Managing for Mental Health in the Modern Workplace training to describe elements of creating a performance management system that facilitates accountability for all employees while providing support for employees who may be struggling in a compassionate way.

Suicide Prevention in the Workplace

This training proactively addresses the early warning signs of suicide in the workplace and helps employees better understand and prevent suicide.

We are here for you to discuss options for individual advising strategies, schedule a training, or customize a training that is not currently on that list.